Hi, I’m Winston
I always knew what I was destined to do. I wanted to hunt the freshest chicken, buffalo, and whitefish, just like my ancestors. There’s nothing I love more than tasty meat, especially because I need protein. I’m not one of those lazy dogs. Okay, sometimes I can be. But I live a very active lifestyle. You can probably tell from my toned hind legs. I enjoy long walks in the woods, bathing in the mud, and bringing tennis balls back to my parents when they irresponsibly throw them. I know, sounds a bit like my dating profile.

It takes a lot to admit it, but I know my bark is way bigger than my bite. I’d love to go into full beast mode and go hunting for my food just like my great great grandparents did. But I just don’t have the time. Between eating, playing, and nap time, my schedule is booked. After a long day outdoors, I just want to unwind, and chew on my parents’ shoes. What can I say? I’m an active dog who knows his limits. Is that so far-fetched?

So, my parents would do all the work for me, and bring food home. I liked the way it tasted, but I can feel something was wrong. My parents didn’t seem happy, and when I would chew on their wallets, I noticed there was less of that green stuff in it.

But then one day, something amazing happened. My parents decided to make their own food with the help of Dr. Elliot Harvey. They worked so long and so hard. Don’t worry, I kept myself entertained in the mud.

They called it Pioneer Naturals, and when they poured the food into my bowl, my jowls dropped. It was the most delicious food, and gave me all the flavor and energy I could ever ask for. I could taste the natural ingredients, just like I would if I was on the prowl. I just feel good when I eat it. M y parents are happy again, and their wallets are greener and chewier than ever. Finally, I can make my ancestors proud with the best meat I can ask for.

“It was the most delicious food, and
gave me all the flavor and energy
I could ever ask for.”




All Natural
Sourced Ingredients

Pioneer Naturals believes quality dog food starts with natural ingredients. Every ingredient in our recipes is carefully chosen with one goal in mind. What’s the goal? To give dogs something natural, healthy, and tasty. Our meat is combined with wholesome fruits and vegetables, loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can relax knowing your dog is getting everything they need to live a happy, healthy, and full life.